We Make Personalized Coaching Accessible
Transforming Professional Growth
What you can expect if you work with us
We’ll help take care of your professional development needs. Learning is the very core of what we do
Keep on learning
Stay for a while and you’ll own a piece of the pie. Alongside a competitive salary, you’ll also receive stock options
Get compensated
Take time off when you think you need it. Supported by paid 4 weeks of annual holiday
Take some time off
We are fully remote and like to keep it that way. You are free to work from wherever you would like
Work wherever you like
You choose when you work. We’re looking at your output, not at any formal working hours
Work on your own terms
Our Vision Is a World Where Leaders See a 100x Return From Investing in Their People
Through our automated coaching solution, we are on a path to creating deeply meaningful experiences that lead to lasting personal and organizational changes.

We are still early on in our journey. Because delivering excellent and natural conversational experiences at scale is no small task, we are constantly looking to add awesome talents to our team.

If joining a purpose-led company and working with a fully remote team sounds exciting to you, keep on scrolling.
Start building with us on the frontier
No legacy solutions. We’re giving you the opportunity to engage with recent advancements in machine learning.
Build something meaningful
Not just another B2B productivity app. Our coaching sessions aim at helping people become better versions of themselves.

Jump into a global environment
Our team has almost as many nationalities as members. Who you really are is what matters, not where you come from.
Be at the core from the very start
Everyone joining early will have the chance to shape the product in ways that reflect them and their values.
Open Positions
If you didn't find the position you want but think you can add value, send us an email to dima@pandatron.ai and tell us how you can help.