Making change happen on time and on budget
I need to clarify what the innovation program means in practice for me and my team
Hi Lauri! What are your top priorities this week?
What we do in 1 minute
We make change smooth
by helping people reflect and set goals in weekly 1-on-1 conversations. We do this with a scalable Conversational chatbot coaching (at a fraction of the price of in-person coaches). We believe in growth starting from people.
to every employee affected by the change
Scale 1-on-1 conversations
of the issues and risks in your change
Get a summarized understanding
with a minimal time investment
Save time on managing change
Our clients include
Our clients include
How our conversations with clients usually start
Cool! I'm curious, what problem is your startup working on?
What's your solution then?
So, do you help employees to set and achieve goals in the context of the change program?
This sounds cool! What could be the next step for us?
Hey! My name is Lauri, I'm a Head Coach at Pandatron. How can I help you?
Yep! More than that, we also collect qualitative data and deliver reports with insights into the company's processes
Let's start with a free trial
78% of transformation programs fail according to HBR
Our AI chatbot becomes a personal coach for every employee
The problem is… Frankly, corporate change and learning don't work
We developed a new approach that we call “micro-coaching”
Management journey
We start with your plan to get from A to B. Sometimes, just a desire for change
Strategy, plan, or desire
Chatbot coaching to support execution in 1-on-1 conversations with employees
Bottom-up: Micro-coaching
Bimonthly insights from qualitative data collected through coaching conversations
Top-down: Data & Insight
User journey
in Teams or Slack for 30 minutes per week
User chats with the chatbot coach
User books a recurring time in the calendar
30-min kickoff onboarding
Find systemic bottlenecks
The situation with the project is difficult to handle, which makes the management feel helpless and influences their self-esteem in a negative manner.
We collect feedback anonymously to encourage honesty
We collect feedback anonymously to encourage honesty
I rated this session 10, you created psychological safety which lead to insights that had never occurred to me before in my life and were tremendously valuable. I would have never reached them without your brilliant questions
Love how my coach is guiding me through the session. Every time I discover new things about myself that I didn't know I have. It also allows me to develop skills in such an engaging and enjoyable way. Each session leaves a feel good about yourself, factor that will make you crave for more...
I really like the way you guide to concrete actions really quickly
I like the low threshold compared to "full-blown" coaching. The time investment is small
Micro-coaching was helpful in dealing with feedback I received from employees and planning next steps on what to do with it. I don't have anyone who I could discuss these things with except my supervisor and it is not always the best option
Final session we were just getting started into the good stuff
Coaching Tech Company 2021
The Most Innovative
Okay, I'm in!
Let's try