Pandatron joins forces with COACH A

COACH A company, founded in 1997, has been a pioneering Global Executive Coaching firm in Japan. Over the past 25 years, they have contributed to the proliferation and expansion of coaching in Japan. Presently, they have established offices in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, offering coaching services not only to Japanese companies' overseas branches but also to local businesses. Their coaching services have primarily targeted business professionals, including executives from listed companies, focusing on organizational development and transformation.

In recent years, the business environment has undergone significant changes, with intensifying competition. Consequently, developing exceptional leaders, empowering employees, and enhancing organizational agility and adaptability have become crucial for companies. Coaching has emerged as a powerful means to address these challenges, garnering increased attention. In response to this evolving landscape, COACH A has decided to collaboratively develop a Japanese version of the corporate AI coaching system in conjunction with Pandatron. Our objective is to seamlessly offer coaching to entire organizations, supporting corporate organizational development and transformation in a more efficient and expedient manner while maintaining a higher level of quality.

AI coaching has been developed using advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies, with proprietary machine learning models. Additionally, the system is continually improved through vast amounts of coaching data generated daily and feedback data from ICF-certified coaches (*) and current clients. Thanks to its exceptional technology, the AI Coaching System has been adopted by numerous global companies, including companies like Skanska and Konecranes and has garnered high praise in the global market through partnerships with leading consulting firms such as Capgemini.

Through this partnership, we aim to contribute to the transformation of Japan's business environment by integrating AI coaching with COACH A's coaching expertise accumulated over 25 years since their founding.

(*) Coaches holding certifications from the International Coaching Federation.

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