The most important way to better the world that no one talks about

I’ve been pondering long and hard about what the world needs. A couple of weeks ago I attended European Forum Alpbach and earlier this year Davos World Economic Forum. All the conversations are missing the most fundamental problem of all.

The main risks humanity is facing right now, from my perspective:

*Environmental collapse

*Nuclear war

*Economic inequality

*AI risks

All of these risks are man-made. They depend on human decision-making, on how emotionally intelligent, self-aware, mature, wise we are.

Environmental collapse wouldn't be an issue with political will, with wisdom to understand it's a priority. Nuclear war wouldn't be a threat in the world where we could empathise with the far away lands better. Maturity would have helped us to share to make poverty obsolete. Self-awareness would have stopped us from rushing to deploy technology without the clarity on its side effects.

Nelson Mandela said that education is the best tool to improve the world. We never fully internalized this. Education in the broadest sense is the key. Education that helps us to not only become more powerful, but also become better humans.

This is why Pandatron exists.

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